Office Buildings / Mall

Energy efficiency and comfort are key features in air conditioning of the office buildings. With a wide product range, GMC AIR helps you to increase your comfort level as well as the productivity by offering “the right products for your project with optimum prices”. In addition to increasing comfort and productivity with a healthy working environment, we also empower the energy performance of your building. The result is more productivity, less service costs. GMC AIR gives full support in the design stage of the project to reach healthy and comfortable working environments in energy efficiency way by helping you to select the right system solution with the right products. The architectural design of the project is taken into consideration while choosing the right system and products. Thus the solution would be selected based on not only technical specifications but also aesthetic aspects. We can also offer solutions to increase the performance of your existing buildings.

OUR MAIN PRODUCTS used for air conditioning and ventilation of office building and malls;

Grilles Diffusers Louvers Dampers Accessories


Hotels include a variety of spaces such as lobby, bar, restaurant, meeting and guest rooms, smoking areas, ball rooms… etc and each space have different air conditioning requirements. GMC AIR offers high energy efficient and silent solutions in which the air comfort in these different spaces can be controlled individually. There are also special solutions to prevent fetid odors spreading from restaurant and kitchens.

OUR MAIN PRODUCTS used for air conditioning and ventilation of hotels;

Industrial Buildings

In industrial buildings, air conditioning is an important subject as it affects also the quality of production in addition to the productivity of personnel. Noise level, moisture and air quality are major factors must be considered. GMC AIR make industrial system solutions with high technology products to establish the best conditions for productions as well as for human comfort in the facility.

OUR MAIN PRODUCTS used for air conditioning and ventilation of Industrial Buildings;

Pharmaceutical Buildings

There are strict regulations to keep the products safe and quality in this industry. The quality of indoor air has direct effects on products in both productions stage and in storage phase. GMC AIR enables healthiest environment required for all processes involved in the project by means of effective and optimized solutions. In addition to support for system solutions, Step Mekanik also has Functional Design Specification service for implemented products.

OUR MAIN PRODUCTSused for hygenic air conditioning and ventilation of Pharmaceutical Buildings;

Diffusers Louvers Dampers Accessories Air Ducts


Health centers and hospitals need high quality indoor air. With high quality and right products, Step Mekanik designs the system to deliver clean air at optimum temperature and humidity to reach ultimate indoor air quality. Infections which can spread through air are controlled by central and individual equipments that selected specially according to project requirements. Thus indoor air quality always remains high.

OUR MAIN PRODUCTS used for hygienic air conditioning and ventilation of Hospitals;

Diffusers Louvers Dampers Accessories Air Ducts

Multifunctional Complexes

Noise levels, air velocities and homogeneous air distribution should be optimized sensitively to reach high comfort conditions in ball rooms, theaters, conference rooms, indoor sports hall and multifunctional halls. Because of high ceilings in these facilities, products should be selected carefully especially for delivering the hot air to required spaces.

OUR MAIN PRODUCTS used for air conditioning and ventilation of Multi-Functional Complex Buildings;